How do I invoice my client for On Demand services?


Invoicing is an important step in getting paid. Geeks should take the following steps for invoicing clients.

- Complete your project and make sure the client is satisfied with your service.

- A geek is considered started when they have arrived on site. If they are working remotely, this is when they actually start the work. This point is when billable hours begin. 

- You should not charge a client anything outside of the agreed upon per hour rate. 

- Clients should expect an invoice to be no less than one billable hour. You should not bill clients for travel time or any other fees unless specifically agreed upon in advance. Give clients a minimum of 30 days to pay invoices.

- It is good practice to ask for a billing contact before beginning any project. 

- Invoices should be delivered promptly after project completion. It is good practice to communicate with clients to ensure there is no confusion regarding payment details. Make sure these details are clear and that you are being transparent about services performed. 

- Clients are not required to pay you on site unless otherwise agreed upon. 

- SWAG is NOT responsible for payment under any circumstance. 

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